As a Player

We have a clear vision of how the future should be for e-sport, games and NFT’s.
Players should be able to choose which kind of game they want to play, which kind of crypto they want to use, to be able to protect their interests and to capitalize on their assets.

We want all our players to be able to participate in e-sport tournaments by using their NFT's like Golfers would use their clubs but also like in Formula1 where engineers improve cars and pilots still make the difference.

In our game, players would upgrade and optimize their NFT’s like engineers in sports while being also the pilots in order to win tournaments and rewards.

Until now this kind of high-cost sports was closed to a big part of the population but now everybody can enter competitions at almost no costs.

This is how with MMM ecosystem they can farm contents within their favorite games. Grow their assets and improve their value while being protected by a floor price thanks to our policy where a part of the transaction fees is reinjected into NFT's.

We plan to release an option for NFT’s owners to let free players use their NFT’s and sharing only rewards. All of that protected by the blockchain which will let players share their NFT’s without losing the ownership.
This is a really new adventure and we are excited to share our vision with our community.

As a Studio

For Studios we imagine a world where indies companies could use or propose games to other companies and Artists.

Studios will be able to create games using graphical IP with an already existing community, to reduce marketing costs as gaming Studios will not have to directly manage Artists but only load assets right into their games.

Assets can move from one game to another without frictions as all animations are already included in the NFT’s.

As for us it is also a huge challenge, we will only start with 3-5 Studios to launch this feature, if you are interested do not hesitate to contact and tell us about your project.

As an Artist

Artists don't want to spend endless nights learning how to code to showcase their cool designs. We have an in-house solution with a starting kit to help you kickstart your game adventure.

The most important part for Artists is that they will collect fees on each sale. Imagine if, for each time an item is sold through a cash converters like shops, the Author could collect their own fees?

On top of that, for now we limit our solution to gaming Artists but we plan to open our no-code service to all kind of Artists like Painters, Musicians...

If you are interested please do not hesitate to send some samples and your project idea to